The Iraqi dinner is the most used currency in the Kurdistan region. US dollars are also accepted. The majority of cash machines distribute both currencies. The conversion rate is approximately as the following:

1 USD = 1,223 Iraqi Dinar (IQD)

Mobile Phone

There are three mobile telecommunications providers with nationwide coverage in Iraq. They are Asiacell, Korek and Zain. Asiacell numbers begin with 0770, Korek numbers with 0750 and Zain numbers with 0780. Sim-cards can be purchased at the Erbil International Airport, as well as in the different store locations in Erbil. Credit can be purchased at most supermarkets.

Internet Access
There are several internet providers in the different cities of Kurdistan, such as Nawroz Telecom, BeTel, WeGo and Gorannet.
Internet connections are also available in many hotels and some private internet cafes. Not all connections are broadband speed. It is also possible to buy an internet USB stick and Credit.

Electrical Appliances
The voltage is 220v. Both UK three-pronged and European two-pronged plugs are in use. Visitors are advised to take a universal adaptor with them. However, adaptors can be purchased in small electrical shops in the Bazaars (Central Markets) of towns and cities.

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