Places to See

Erbil Citadel

The Erbil Citadel is considered among the most ancient citadels known as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It is built in the centre of Erbil City on a 25 meters high hill. The Citadel covers 110,000 square meters. Its construction goes back to (6,000 ) B.C. The number of dwellings inside the Citadel amounts to 506. It is divided into three quarters: Al Saray, Topkhana and Takyah .The houses of affluent residents are characterized by the sturdiness of construction and their strong foundations which helped in the resistance to the vicissitudes of times. Many houses in the citadel offer inscriptions, colors and beautiful decorations.

Qaysari Market (Bazaar)
Qaysari Market lies at 728m and is directly opposite the Erbil Citadel. Constructed during the Ottoman Empire it was built in the form of Latin characters. The Market is a large and elevated hall. It shelters a large number of shops. It has two main entrances south and west. Its many roof skylights and openings provide for lighting and ventilation.

Choli Minaret
Choli Minaret is considered to be one of the most prestigious landmarks of Erbil City. It is 22 meters high and just 1 kilometer south of Erbil’s Citadel. Built in 1128-1138 AD during the rule of Sultan Mudhaffar Al-Din Called, it is also Al-Mudhafariah Minaret. The local inhabitants refer to it as ‘Choli’ because it was far from the city. Truly fascinating for those interested in local history.

Erbil Civilisation Museum
Located in the city centre opposite the City Hall, it is divided into three historical sections. Antiques are exhibited according to eras starting from ancient periods until advanced ages. The origin of some exhibits goes back to 5,000 B.C. and reflects the patterns and ways of life in Kurdistan and Iraq.
A rich library is adjacent to the Museum. It is considered among the most prestigious historical libraries of the city.

Sami Abdulrahman Park
This is one of the largest parks in Erbil located in front of the Rotana and Divan Hotels. It was designed and built in two stages on an area of 800 donums of land. The Park houses many visitor facilities like restaurants, playgrounds, football pitches and running tracks and many locals can be found at weekends having picnics with friends and family within the vast grounds.

Shanader Park
This recreation ground is south of the Erbil Fortress, behind al - Sawwaf Mosque. It was constructed according to a modern design and comprises several playgrounds. A hall for local arts was built in the form of the renowned Shander Cave.

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