An Article from mbc says “In 2025 Erbil will Challenge Dubai in Development”

An article from mbc Television Group talks about Kurdistan’s development in comparison with Dubai.

Muatasam Abu Khamees mbc reporter was in Erbil during the Nawroz Celebration (21st of March) and visited many of the tourism places and explored them closely to examine its service level. The article talks about the cities economical and structural development it has gained, in addition to the building of many Sky Towers in a near future. In accordance to many developers and investor’s expectations Erbil will become the new Dubai by 2025.

The articles also talks about as to why Erbil chosen as The Arab Tourism Capital for 2014. This is despite being the safe haven in comparison to the rest of Iraq and a develop part that is a stable region in terms of security, economy and Tourism.

Source – Basnews (Kurdo Shaban)

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