Kick off the children festival in Erbil on Thursday 16/1/2014

Tomorrow Thursday 16/1/2014 is the starting day of children festival in Erbil city, which is organized by the high Committee for the selection of Erbil as the capital of Arab tourism 2014, and the festival program includes many exciting events for children.

The events will begin with(Basha and a cluster of grapes) play at 6:00 pm in the city of games of Ryan Mall, with Package of beautiful shows for kids, then the events will move to the Smile Land Games city in Tablo Mall.

In the second day of the festival 17/01/2014 the events will be between two places, the first is Smile Land games city /Tablo Mall/, and the second is in /Ryan Mall/.
The third day 18/1/2014 at 4:00 pm the events will be start with kids operate in Hevi Kindergarten ,and then a concert for the children which include Mam Aula singer concert, and show for Kurdish fashion in Family Mall.

The events on the fourth day 14.01.2014 includes a play for children will be presented at 11:00 in Directorate of school activity,then a group of beautiful shows for kids, and presenting( the bride)play and Mam Aula concert in Family Mall at 4:00 pm.

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